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Gift giving is an emotional investment that can shorten the emotional distance between people, facilitate people's communication and communication, reach consensus, and create good business opportunities. Corporate gifts are mainly used in occasions such as conference events, exhibition events, and promotional activities. Choosing a corporate gift that can represent the spirit, culture and connotation of the company is conducive to increasing the customer's impression of the company. Corporate gifts, as a high-level lubricant for modern corporate public relations sales, it has bilateral and multilateral cooperation in enterprises, opening up new markets, occupying more market share, and promoting the role of the company's culture is irreplaceable. When companies purchase corporate gifts, they often have a clear business purpose, or enhance the connection with customers; or enhance the impression of corporate image in the minds of users; or to increase the market sales of products; or Public relations needs in some marketing activities. Corporate gifts are also an advertisement, a kind of propaganda, and suitable corporate gifts can create a lasting and profound impression in the minds of customers.
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