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IGP provides corporate gift, promotion gift and souvenir customization and sourcing service. With IGP App, you can reach more than 10000 gifts information. With just one click, you can ask for quotation. To look for gift idea, there are more than 5000 global clients projects avaliable for your references. Besides,IGP's 400 pages e-catalogue give you recommendation.
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400 pages e-catalogue give you recommendation.
Faster and more convenient than web version, brainstorm your idea anytime and anywhere!
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More than 5000 global clients’ projects available for your references
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We provide giant coverage in Greater China Region with the largest corporate gift and premium network in Asia. We serve more than 15000 corporations and manage more than 500 suppliers. Operation 9 main cities in Southeast Asia and 2 quality inspection centers. Customers can check the information of thousands of gifts....More>>
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IGP 588/163 Ratchapreuk Village, Hathai Rat Road, Bangchan, Khlongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand
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