IGP(Innovative Gift & Premium)
IGP provides one-stop solution in corporate and promotion gift supply chain management service including product design and development, procurement, production management, quality control, and logistic. IGP is the biggest corporate gift and premium network focused on the Greater China area. We have served more than 20000 gift project of corporate and organizations, manages more than 500 suppliers. Now we’ve got 9 offices and 2 quality inspection centers in major cities in Greater China area.
We have devoted ourselves to provide high-quality gift solutions for different industries include aviation logistics, insurance finance, governments, media, hotel & travel and retail & catering during the past decade. In the process of development, we continue to break through the restrictions of traditional gift industry, try to innovate in different parts, establish 3 sub-brands in succession: IGPEXPRESS for low MOQ and large discount gifts, KUSDOM for MOQ 1 and rapid production, REDBOXIDEA for global hot new boutique gifts. And IGP has developed small amount gift project and Live Print project that are more suitable for small and medium-sized companies or events through in-depth understanding of market trends and customer requirements.
Each client receives our personal attention, we carefully listen to your suggestion and complaints, try to thoroughly satisfy your demands via updating technology and service.
About IGP
About IGP | Line

Offices and Quality Inspection Centers

The offices and quality inspection centers provide services for corporate customers and governmental agencies including printing and quality testing, and third-party test report.

Gift Suppliers

Integrate over 500 suppliers, provide high-quality packing printing and creative products choices.

Gifts and High-end Brand Products

Collect creative gifts including over 20 categories and 7000 products from all over the world, share the most popular and creative gifts and designs, satisfy all your demands for different industries and activities.

Corporate and Organizations

IGP has served over 20000 gift project of corporate and organizations during these 10 years, we have got rich experience in gift development and purchasing.
We provide giant coverage in Greater China Region with the largest corporate gift and premium network in Asia. We serve more than 20000 gift projects and manage more than 500 suppliers. Operation 9 main cities in Southeast Asia and 2 quality inspection centers. Customers can check the information of thousands of gifts....More>>
Contact Us
IGP 588/163 Ratchapreuk Village, Hathai Rat Road, Bangchan, Khlongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand
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